What is the role of the coach?

The Initial Professional Development Portfolio is a crucial part of PESA. It will be a tool for the SAI Auditor to reflect on how the ISSAIs are applied in the SAI context. The SAI Auditor will develop professional audit skills in their own SAI.

The SAI Auditor will begin planning for and managing their professional development.

The coach's role is to:

  • Coach the SAI Auditor in applying PESA Education to the SAI context
  • Discuss the Auditors IPDP regularly
  • Sign off on the completion and quality of the IPDP

The nominated SAI Coaches will look after their peer colleagues only since they are familiar with the SAI and country context. We recommend SAIs select 1 Coach for up to 3 SAI Auditors.

The key role of the coach is to support the SAI Auditor. 

The coach should sign off the SAI Auditors Initial Professional Development Portfolio as complete and quality. We will not request a report or any other output. We would suggest that the coach have regular discussions with the SAI Auditor.

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